The Latimer Legacy provides a detailed account of the lives of George and Lewis Latimer, spanning twelve decades. The story is told by a dream team of humanities advisors, including Hugh Price, an 82-year-old descendant who serves as a consulting producer and former president and CEO of the National Urban League. The life stories of George and Lewis Latimer reveal how racial prejudice, Reconstruction failures, and a flawed judicial system contribute to systemic racism’s evolution in our modern society, raising challenging questions about national culpability in structural racism.

Visionary filmmaker Michael Brown will direct the humanities pieces and Oscar-nominated director Andrew Young will direct the reenactment pieces. Together they will co-direct the project. The film seeks to confront and initiate a conversation about an era in American history that solidified modern-day structural racism in America and the journey of the Latimer men who bravely overcame it. The film is meant to shed new light on the shocking history of systemic racism and the impact both men had on our society. Finally, it will provide a thundering voice to the ongoing discussion of race and be a catalyst for systemic change in America.


In the heart of America’s flourishing sports scene, a silent revolution is taking place on flat-track roller derby rinks. This isn’t a throwback to the scripted theatrics of the 1970s roller derby; it’s a genuine, hard-hitting, and intensely competitive sport dominated by an inspiring community of women. Our feature-length documentary peels back the layers of this modern roller derby phenomenon, exposing the raw challenges these women confront while passionately participating in a full-contact sport within a society still largely governed by male norms.

Roller Life follows the Brewcity Bruisers Milwaukee Roller Girls through an entire season, capturing the highs and lows both on and off the track. This isn’t just about the sport—it’s a revealing exploration of how these remarkable women navigate the complexities of balancing athletic pursuits, professional careers, and personal lives. With unprecedented access, get immersed in their world, offering a genuine and personal look at the resilience and determination required to earn respect as athletes living the Roller Life.


Embark on an intellectually riveting exploration on this eight-part documentary series, globally available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Delve into the mystique of historic locales, reputedly imbued with spectral energies, as four seasoned filmmakers, led by showrunner and director, Michael Brown employ the precision of scientific paranormal investigation to unravel the enigmatic interplay between the corporeal and the ethereal. Our cinematic journey centers around the poignant inquiry: Can humanity authentically commune with our departed loved ones?

This immersive series unfolds across the picturesque landscape of Door County, Wisconsin, a renowned region within the Midwest’s heart. As the filmmakers navigate the complexities of documenting paranormal phenomena, they employ a sophisticated blend of scientific methodologies and intuitive storytelling. The series invites viewers into a captivating dialogue between the tangible and the metaphysical, challenging preconceived notions and provoking contemplation on the mysteries that lie beyond the threshold of our understanding.